Harley Redin Memorial


A Legendary Figure

Harley J. Redin, former coach of the Wayland Baptist College Flying Queens and one of the most influential figures in women’s basketball history, has passed away at the age of 100.

KCBD News Article: WBU saddened by passing of Harley Redin

Harley was loved and admired by not only the Flying Queens but by all those who knew him or crossed paths with him during his lifetime. He had a history of helping other people, from his service in WWII, to his coaching and mentoring students at Wayland, to his numerous civic duties in his hometown of Plainview, Texas. He will be missed by all.


The Redin Family has requested that memorial donations be made to the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation at www.flyingqueensfoundation.com or by check in care of Cherri Rapp:

Cherri Rapp, Treasurer

Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation

2913 B. Lovell Drive

Austin, Texas 78723

Please Click or Tap the Button below to make your Donation

If giving by credit or debit card, please note that under the dollar amount you are giving there are the words: “Add special instructions to the seller.”  Click on those words and type:  Harley Redin Memorial or In Memory of Coach Redin.  Also, please provide your email address and your mailing address.

Under the box where you indicated your state, you will see the words: “Share your mailing address with the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation so they can acknowledge your donation.”  Please click in the box so we will have your mailing information. Both the Foundation and the Redin Family will want to thank you.

If you are giving by PayPal, under the dollar amount you will find the word “Notes.”  This is where we need you to write: Harley Redin Memorial, provide your email address and your mailing address.  Then look for the words “enter your mailing address so we can thank you” and provide the mailing address and email address again.  I know this seems redundant, but we have had trouble with PayPal giving us access to addresses so we are having you enter it in two places because the Redin family is counting to us to provide that information to them.

Remember, you can also contribute by check.  Make check payable to the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation and note that it is for the Harley Redin Memorial. Send check in care of Cherri Rapp, 2913-B. Lovell Drive, Austin, TX 78723.  

If you would like to read Harley Redin’s service, please download the file below:


Harley Redin’s Graveside Service

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