HFQF Museum Acquisition

HFQF Museum Acquisition Process

Construction has begun on the Flying Queens Museum space inside the Mabee Regional Heritage Center on Wayland’s campus.

The Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation (HFQF) and Wayland Baptist University are gathering memorabilia to tell the amazing history of the Flying Queens program, and we need your help to tell the WHOLE story! And we need it NOW!

Flying Queens Museum Memorabilia Needs
Immediate Needs:

Any video footage, regardless of format. A DVD/video shop can transfer to digital format by them uploading and placing on a flash drive and then you can mail the flash drive. If you are unable for any reason to transfer it to digital format then Wayland and the Foundation will do this for you.

Photos – specifically action photos, team photos, posed individual photos
We MUST have action and a posed photo from our ALL AMERICANS!

Other photos for consideration – photos from road trips and home games, national tournaments, international play, etc.

Other Items for Consideration:

Clothing: workout gear, travel outfits, windbreakers or other jackets, formal travel jackets, playing sneakers, leggings

Bags: travel bags, travel hang-up bag

National tourney items: plaques, trophies, programs, team gifts, branded clothing (t-shirts, etc.)

Other items related to the Flying Queens program

Guidelines for Donating Items to the Flying Queens Museum

The Foundation’s Heritage Committee and staff at Wayland Baptist University have created guidelines, a form (called the Acquisition Proposal) and process for donating memorabilia to the museum.

Anyone ready to donate their Flying Queens memorabilia should review the guidelines and submit a completed Acquisition Proposal.

All submissions (including video footage) will go through a review process. Donors whose items are accepted will be notified of the steps for submitting their memorabilia.

CAUTION: Please do not submit any items without a completed Acquisition Proposal form and a return notification from Wayland that the item(s) have been accepted by the Collections Committee.

The Collections Committee is ready to receive your form NOW! We hope you are excited about being a part of preserving the amazing history of the Flying Queens.

Museum memorabilia questions? Contact Linda Price, (281) 799-7854