Flying Queen


Kathy Booth Loter

2nd VP for Funding/Social Activities


Kathy “Boothie” Loter grew up in the panhandle Farwell, Texas. She was a coach’s kid so access to the gym was a given. Playing basketball and attending Wayland Baptist College played a huge part in her life. Loter coached/taught for 38 years, ranging from the middle school to the junior college level. She was blessed to have worked with many outstanding coaches who were also outstanding individuals. Retirement will begin in 2021, and Loter looks forward to serving on the HFQF Board of Directors. She feels it is her turn to give back to her university and team. She has been married to Pat Loter for 31 years. They have two children; both are married. The Loters have one grandson and another grandchild on the way. Life is good!

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Midland, TX