The Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, Inc. has been successful because of the dedication of former players, coaches, sponsors, and supporters. The Foundation seeks to grow an active membership that is actively involved in supporting, celebrating, and securing the Flying Queens program and legacy.

The Foundation has also become a conduit to renewing relationships among the players from former Flying Queens teams. Whether a former player or coach, family of former players, or just a fan of the program, there is a place for you!

Become a Member

One of the best ways to get started with the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, Inc. is to join as a member! There are different membership levels, and your commitment as a member will help make the Foundation a more vibrant, successful avenue of support for the Flying Queens program and its legacy.


Let’s face it, raising funds are a big part of what foundations do, and the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation is no different. We are working toward the day when the Foundation has a sustainable source of funding to support the Flying Queens program and legacy. No gift is too small and all gifts are help move this goal forward.


Connect with the Flying Queens team and reunite with your teammates and friends at Foundation events. Some call it paying it forward. We like to say we’re keeping the Queens flying, whether literally with support to fly to key tournaments or figuratively by encouraging the current team by participating in the Foundation.


Receptions, fundraisers, marketing, membership drives, attending games, writing letters and cards. All of these activities happen because of a group of dedicated volunteers. The Foundation will thrive with a strong cadre of passionate members who love the Flying Queens and love to serve.