For decades the Flying Queens thrived under the generous support of Claude and Wilda Hutcherson. The Hutchersons underwrote the team’s budget, which included not only equipment but travel outfits and educational trips built into road games the Queens flew to in Hutcherson’s planes. After Title IX had been effect for nine years, the NCAA entered the picture to govern women’s athletics at the major college level. In 1983 Wayland Baptist joined other small colleges and universities in a move to compete in the National Intercollegiate Association for Athletics (NAIA).

With the change the financial landscape also changed, including the opportunities that had existed under the Hutcherson’s generosity, especially the chance to fly to away games. It was a desire to create a pathway that would allow the Queens to again fly to games, especially destination road trips like Hawaii and the NAIA national tournament, that led to the creation of the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation.

Since 2012, the Foundation has been committed to raising funds to support the program and enhance the experiences for the young ladies who play for the Flying Queens.


  • Raise a minimum of $25,000 annually
  • Host the team and attend games during a tournament and/or an away game series
  • Encourage former Flying Queens and supporters to attend Flying Queens games when playing in their area
  • Host receptions to celebrate program milestones and Flying Queens reunions
  • Grow the number of active members in the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, Inc.

Here’s How You Can Help

Take an active role in advancing the Foundation’s three-part mission by joining as a member. There are multiple membership levels and dues are $50 with no dues required for Recent Graduates and Legacy Members.


As a member of the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, you will

  • Receive regular updates about the current Flying Queens program and about the activities, events, and projects of the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, Inc.,
  • Build camaraderie and renew friendships with former players and others at Flying Queens games, receptions and socials, and fundraisers,
  • Pay forward to the young women who put on a Flying Queens uniform the athletic opportunities and educational experiences that shaped your life as a former player, coach, manager, trainer, or supporter with the Flying Queens program, and
  • Be part of continuing the tradition of excellence for one of the nation’s historic women’s basketball programs.


As a member of the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation, you will have the opportunity to

  • When possible, attend Flying Queens basketball games, either at home or on the road;
  • Make annual financial contributions to the Foundation;
  • Participate in Foundation activities and fundraisers,
  • Participate in outreach efforts to former teammates from your playing era at Wayland,
  • Consider participating on a committee, and
  • For voting Members: Consider serving on the Board of Directors.
  • Help organize reunions, program milestone celebrations & post-game receptions
  • Contact former players and fans in the high plains area, Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and Oklahoma city area about supporting the Flying Queens when they play in those areas
  • Contact: Darla Armes Ford, 2nd vice-president for team support, (602) 751-6163 or