A legacy begins with a passion . . .

“. . . we feel that there has been laid a foundation for girls’ athletics at this institution that will materialize until we have one of the best girls’ basketball teams that can be found anywhere in this country.”

1928 Wayland yearbook

The Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation has been in place since 2012, but the Flying Queens program has been committed to excellence since 1948!

After more than 70 years, and more than 1700 wins, 10 national championships, a 131-consecutive game win streak, 230 All-Americans, and consistent national rankings, the Flying Queens remain the winningest collegiate women’s basketball program in the country.

With every win, every honor, every championship, every new milestone, the Flying Queens legacy grows. The Foundation is committed to honoring this legacy and the players, coaches, and sponsors who were instrumental in building it. We also will celebrate the recognition given to the players, coaches, sponsors and others who played a key role in building the Flying Queen legacy.

Finally, we believe the Flying Queens’ legacy tells an amazing story about the growth of women’s basketball, the women who played for the Flying Queens, and about their love for the game that found a home on the high plains of Texas.

How we celebrate and preserve the Flying Queens legacy

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