Joining the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation is a chance to renew friendships and continue a legacy of support for a historic, nationally competitive women’s basketball program.

Membership Levels

Foundation Voting Members: All former players on the Flying Queens and Queen Bees, coaches and their spouses, team managers, and trainers and all members of the Claude Hutcherson extended family are eligible to join as Foundation Voting Members. These members pay annual dues, vote at the meetings, and are eligible to serve on the Board.

Recent Graduate Members: Defined as all current players on the Flying Queens and Queen Bees, team managers, and trainers. Membership dues are waived for the first five years following graduation from Wayland. Recent Graduate Members shall be granted voting rights at the annual meeting during this five-year period.

Supporters of the Flying Queens. Foundation Associates are full members but are not able to vote or serve on the board, but the Foundation seeks and encourages Foundation Associates’ participation on committees, in fundraisers and at Foundation events.

Contributors who have made an estate gift in the amount of $25,000 or more; have made a lifetime donation of $25,000 or more or have donated more than $25,000 to the Foundation through other means. These members have lifetime voting privileges and are eligible to serve on the Board.

The Foundation will communicate directly with individuals who qualify for membership as a Legacy Donor.

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