The Flying Queens who played from 1989-96 during the Sheryl Estes coaching era had a reunion in the Hill Country May 31- June 2, 2024. We stayed at a VRBO property in the country outside of Dripping Springs. Everyone brought memorabilia from our Flying Queen days. We even had some game footage and highlight films. We especially enjoyed laughing at the interviews. We had a great time swimming in the pool, playing cornhole, and cooking out at the property.

We had a pickleball excursion to Dreamland in Dripping Springs. We all had a good time and had some competitive games! Cassie Blaut Cleavinger had T-shirts made for all in attendance. Christy Shippy brought her keyboard and entertained everyone. The most fun was catching up with everyone and telling old stories. We had 12 in attendance.

We plan to get together again soon.

Coaches: Sheryl Estes, LaDale McCallister Ebert, Dana Ewing
Players: Christie Shippy, Rejohn Seay Hayes, Verlonda Curry, Lisa Kolodziejcyk Robinson, Leslea Rexrode Miller, Dawn Hilburn, Cassie Blaut Cleavinger, Jennifer Tucker, Kristina Edwards Lee.

NOTE: Thanks to Sheryl Estes for posting the information above.

Estes Era By The Numbers

  • Overall record: 183-96 (.747)
  • 39 players over seven years
  • 2 – number of years Estes served as NAIA president and on the USA Basketball Selection Committee
  • 3 NAIA Elite 8 appearances – 1990, 91, 93
  • 1 NAIA National Championship game -1992
  • 7 NAIA All-Americans
  • 5 Kodak All-Americans
  • 4 American Women’s Sports Federation All-American Freshman Team members
  • 2 Women’s Basketball Coaches’ Association All-Americans
  • 9 players on the Flying Queens 1,000-Point Club
L-R: Kristina Edwards Lee, Cassie Blaut Cleavinger, Lisa Kolodziejczyk Robinson
L-R: Leslea Rexrode Miller, Jennifer Tucker, Lisa Kolodziejczyk Robinson, Kandy Smith, Kristina Edwards Lee, Cassie Blaut Cleavinger
Front- ReJohn Seay Hayes, Dawn Hilburn, Sheryl Estes
Back – Jennifer Tucker, Verlonda Curry, Leslea Rexrode Miller, Cassie Blaut Cleavinger, Lisa Kolodziejczyk Robinson, Christie Shippy, LaDale McCallister Ebert, Kristina Edwards Lee
Front Row: ReJohn Seay Hayes, Sheryl Estes, Dawn Hilburn. Back Row: Kristina Edwards Lee, Jennifer Tucker, LeDale McCallister Ebert, Lisa Kolodziejczyk Robinson, Christie Shippy, Cassie Blaut Cleavinger, Leslea Rexrode Miller

Flying Queens under Sheryl Estes

Christie Shippy, 86-88, 89-91
Kristi Schonerstedt, 86-90
Charlotte Jones, 88-90
Verlonda Curry, 88-92
Marlo Lewis, 89-91
Lisa Kolodziejczyk (Robinson), 89-93
ReJohn Seay (Hayes), 88-92
Amy McAdams, 89-90
Kristy Noble, 89-93
Stephanie McKnight, 90-91
Shelly Tomlin, 90-91
Michelle Wyatt, 90-92
Claudia Castillo, 90-93

Leslea Rexrode (Miller), 90-93
Shannon Copeland, 90-94
Dawn Hilburn, 90-94
Carol Bailey (Foster), 91-93
Cassie Blaut (Cleavinger), 91-95
Jennifer Tucker, 91-95
Belinda Poindexter, 92-94
Kandy Smith, 92-94
Kristina Edwards (Lee), 92-95
Nikki Sheppard, 93-94
Carrah Bryant, 93-95
Jeanne Large, 93-95
Gina Espinosa, 93-96

Jan Ruzowski, 93-97
Dalawna Meloy, 94-95
Dana Rahlfs, 94-95
Ulla Madsen, 94-96
Rachel Weir, 95-00
LaKesha Bates, 95-96
April Bennett, 95-96
Erica Downes, 95-96
Jennifer Duncan, 95-96
Muriel Mitchell, 95-96
Georgiana Indrea, 95-97
Tammy Yelton, 95-97
Jennifer Averett, 95-99

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