Board expands Foundation’s purpose with bylaws update

The Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation set its sights on growth, in its mission and in membership, with its bylaws update at the Sept. 30 Board of Directors’ meeting.

Honor the past, enhance the present, secure the future

The organization’s primary purpose, established in 2012, is to support the current Flying Queens program. After the 2019 Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame induction and questions about estate gifts to the Foundation, the Board broadened the purpose to include preserving the Flying Queens history and securing the program’s future.

“The push to get into Naismith really drove home the value of honoring our past while supporting today’s Queens,” said Linda Price, president of the Hutcherson Flying Queens Foundation. “The interest in making estate gifts convinced us it was time to build a financially secure future to ensure our commitment to this historic women’s basketball program.”

Building in a stronger membership

All former players on the Flying Queens and Queen Bees, Flying Queens and Queen Bee coaches and their spouses, team managers and trainers, and all members of the Claude Hutcherson extended family, are Members of the Foundation. All other supporters of the Flying Queens are Foundation Associates. Previously all Members could vote and serve on the Board but beginning Jan. 1, 2021, Members who wish to be eligible to vote and serve on the Board will be asked to pay annual dues.

“The Board wrestled with membership dues for years,” said Price. “Our newer Board members said members want to invest in a worthwhile cause, and dues that support our purpose help do that. Members who are invested make any organization stronger.”

Standardize terms of service and expand meeting options

Another update clarified that terms for the 16 Board of Directors and six officers would run from Jan 1 – Dec. 31, and that general member meetings can be held either in person or electronically.

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